Thursday, February 24, 2011

He Did Not Doughnut in Poem #330

Students - one reason it is handy to keep a writer's notebook is because it will safely hold your ideas until you need them.  For a few weeks, I've had this little nugget in my notebook: I only eat doughnut holes. Why did I have this weird sentence in my notebook?  Who knows?  But the weird sentence became the weird poem, and that's just how it works sometimes.

So, my advice is this.  Get a notebook.  Love it up with doodles and glued in things.  Copy your favorite quotes and stuff in some photographs.  Decide if you like to write in pen or pencil, cursive or printing.  Watch your life unfurl across the lines, and get to know yourself.  Write sloppily if you wish and neat if you wish, but writewritewritewritewrite.  

Do all writers keep notebooks?  Nope.  I'd be a liar if I told you they did.  But a notebook can sure come in handy when the brainwell runs dry.  Plus, rereading old notebooks is a source of great joy and humor.

Hmmm...suddenly I am hungry for a doughnut.

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