Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Cat is Alive! We Rejoice in Poem #327

Mini's Antibiotic
Photo by Amy LV

This is a true poem.   Yesterday we took our old-and-mysterious cat Mini to the vet.  He just wasn't himself: not eating, not drinking, sleeping all of the time.  We had no idea which way the day would go, and when we saw an old dog carried by his red-eyed owners, I worried even more.

Hooray!  Mini lives!  

We still don't know what his problem was, but the vet said it could have been a simple case of "bird fever" which describes general sickness cats get from eating diseased birds.  It seems that the antibiotics are doing their job, and we are very happy to hear Mini's grateful purrs after each dose.

Students - there are days when your cup of feelings overflows.  Let those feelings pour through your words.  Joy, sadness, pain, laughter...all are poem-worthy.  Feeling poems give us ourselves back to ourselves.

Now.  Go hug an animal.

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  1. Amy, I am sooo glad Mini is doing better! Something about February and our beloved pets! I'll never forget your kindness during our scary moments!