Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Plea for No More Snow in Poem #322

Yesterday almost felt like spring!  It was only 28 degrees in our part of Western New York, but the sun shone brightly, and it made us feel ready to welcome the robins and the worms back home.  So even though this poem seems like the writer was grumpy in the writing, actually I am just looking forward to more sunshine like we had today.

Students - my favorite part of this poem is the way that "wonderland" and "assault" are right near each other.  Usually such a positive word and a negative word don't go together, so it feels fresh.  As for why the poem goes down one word at a's supposed to mimic snowflakes.

One note about rhyme: sometimes rhyming parts of words are not spelled the same way.  This is why a rhyming dictionary is very helpful.  Had I not my trusty dictionary, I may not have thought of the word "assault" at all!

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  1. Hi Amy,

    Love the word choice and the surprise fit of two words that may not typically go together. And YES, I echo your thoughts about sunny days. It was 55 degrees when I went walking this afternoon!!

    I have been neglecting my blogging lately and miss it dearly. Hope all is well.