Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poem #307 says, "Hello, Snow Day!"

Weather Report for Holland, NY
February 1, 2011

Inside Out
Photo by Amy LV

Students - sometimes a poem grows from what everyone is talking about!  And 'round these parts, people are talking about snow and snow days.  When there's a flurry in the air about something, it often settles itself into our writing.  So, listen.  Listen to others.  What are they talking about?  Find your poem right there.

Poems also grow from requests.  Today's poem is dedicated to Mrs. Overman's second grade class in Indiana.  A while ago they asked for a snow day poem, and here it is.

At Sara*ndipity, you can find some "Tricks to Ensure a Snow Day." 

Parents and Teachers - here is "Snow Day" by Billy Collins, for you.

And if you DO get a snow day...or if you don't and would like to make some of your own snowflakes (great protractor lesson, teachers), visit these fantastic directions for snowflake-making over at The Quilted Turtle.

I love school, but there is something magical and mysterious about big storms.  Here at our house, we're prepared with a kitchen full of butter, flour, heart shaped cookie cutters, and fresh eggs.  Bring it on!

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  1. I didn't wear my jammies inside out, but I DID grade my papers last night...and we got an ICE day today!

    (word verification: preclare -- what teachers and students do on the night before the weather: we preclare that it will be a day off!! Doesn't always work, but oh, well!)

  2. Thanks for the shout out to my blog! No snow day for me today, but I DID get a two-hour delay (but it's my fault--my pajamas were right side out! Oops!)

    Check out my post about what it's like trying to teach a class when snow starts falling:


  3. Amy,

    We're in the midst of yet another snowstorm here--and are expecting one again tomorrow. There is NO PLACE where we can put the shoveled snow. This has been one crazy weather winter to date!

  4. We never get snow days on Mackinac Island - it comes with the territory when you ride snowmobiles to school!

    Thanks for the link love. As for a pattern, since I sell the mittens, I am not selling the pattern. But there are lots of mitten patterns out there. A good place to start is the book Warm Fuzzies by Betz White.

  5. Mary Lee & Elaine, Enjoy!! We are hoping for one tomorrow...most all schools are already closed! A.
    Sara & Liz, You're most welcome. It was such fun to find you. Liz - I ordered that book! Your work is gorgeous. A.

  6. The whole blizzard is supposed to just be rain in the DC area. So it looks like I'm going to school tomorrow no matter how I wear my pajamas! :-(

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a snow day though!