Saturday, March 19, 2011

#353 Longs to Hold the Super Full Moon

Hugging the Moon
by Amy LV

Students - this poem came from my excitement over tonight's super full moon.  It's true, too.  Sometimes I just wish that I could hold the moon.  At times I wish to pluck it down from the sky and rock it in my arms.  What impossible things have you wished for?  Such impossible wishes are the fairy dust of poetry...

One of my favorite picture books of all time is LULLABY RAFT by the mystical-magical Naomi Shihab Nye.  I was lucky enough to hear her read and sing this book at a Teachers College Reading and Writing Project reunion back in 2001.  Those few moments changed me.

You can read about tonight's perigee moon, or super full moon, at NASA.  Here in Western New York, we look forward to clear and cold weather.  Time to get out the blankets for lawn-viewing!

For a neat original poem, "mooncatching" and funny song link "We Like the Moon" (Spongmonkeys), head over to David E.'s Fomagrams.

Today, from noon - 6pm, is the Small Press Book Fair in Buffalo, NY, a fair with over 100 vendors and which attracted over 2,000 people last year.  Yesterday my children and I went to purchase bookmaking supplies at the Western New York Book Arts Center, and everyone was getting ready for the event.

A glorious moon-viewing to you and yours!

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  1. Hi Amy!
    My class went on a field trip to the Planetarium today and learned all about the fantastic full moon coming up tomorrow. Hope that it is clear enough outside to capture it!

    Lori :)

  2. "Echoing light." I love it. Amy, I am getting worried now that it is the end of March and you're reaching your 365th poem. Maybe you've told us before and I missed it ... but are you continuing on? I hope so! I love your daily visits and daily insights.

  3. Amy, I love the picture with this poem! I was just looking out the window at that super moon! It is marvelous!