Thursday, March 17, 2011

Does it Sink? Does it Float? Poem #351

Our Creek
Photo by Elizabeth Pellette

Students - one could call type kind of poem a teach-you-a-fact-poem.  Taking facts we know and recasting them as poems gives us a way to think through our passions and interests.  You might have noticed that in today's poem, I use the word 'you' over and over again.  When a writer does this, it invites the reader to jump in.  It helps the reader know that "I'm talking to you, friend!"

Teachers - introducing and closing social studies and science units with content poems is one way to invite students to synthesize their learning and explore the arts too.  We might open a unit by reading poetry about the subject and close it by writing our own.

SPECTACULAR SCIENCE, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins, explores all types of scientific subjects and would serve as a great model for such writing about facts.

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