Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye to MyPoWriYe - Poem #365

Draft of #365
Photo by Amy LV

Students - today's poem is an occasion poem, for this is the final day of My Poem Writing  Year, the challenge I accepted 365 days ago to write and post a new poem each day.  For today, I thought about writing a goodbye poem (but I'm not really leaving), a thank you poem (but I didn't know where to start), or a poem about crossing a finish line (but somehow I don't feel finished).  In the end, I decided to write about Will.

I dreamed of writing a poem every day for one year.  And Will helped me do it.  Will grew from the encouragement of family, friends, classroom teachers, students, my bloggy buddies, and deep inside my own heart.

Each day, people and attitudes help us grow.  We can write about these people and attitudes at any time.  Open up to the next page in your own notebook and jot a list of the people and beliefs which hold you up.  Maybe you, too, will write a poem about whose shoulders and advice you stand upon.

What next?  Well, tomorrow is April 1.  April Fool's Day!  And also the first day of National Poetry Month.  Poetry Friday will be here as will some haiku from grade 2.

For each day of April, I will post a brief note about a poetic technique or idea-finding strategy from this blog-year.  For each, I will link back to a few poems which illustrate the technique or strategy.  In addition, every Poetry Friday will feature a Poetry Peek into a new poem-loving classroom.  My hope is that April here will be useful to students as they eat, drink, dance, hug, read, sing, and cuddle poems - all month and all life long.... 

After April ends, The Poem Farm will still be here with one or two posts each week, including poems of course!

Lots of Love and Much Gratitude,

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  1. Congrats on finishing an amazing year of poetry, Amy. It was inspiring... and fun reading, too. And I'm glad to hear there'll still be more poems coming... but I think you deserve a rest :-)

  2. Congratulations and thanks for such a lovely contribution! What a perfect poem for today! Take a rest and I can't wait to see what is next for you. :)

  3. Congratulations Amy on completing your year! I've been tuned in as much as I can (though usually I wind up reading about 10 of your posts at a time). and I've really loved all of your poems. This poem about "Will" is so lovely though. I'm glad that we'll still be hearing from you on this!

    Julie Batelli

  4. Amy,
    Wow! Your blog has been an inspiration to my soul, the poet somewhere inside me, my writing life, and my work alongside children (and I needed a reminder today about Will).

    It has been fun to follow. I am amazed with your perseverance (i struggle with a 365 photo blog). I look forward to continuing to learn from you. Congrats! Hope you plan to celebrate.


  5. THREE CHEERS (365, actually) FOR AMY LV!!

    I lovelovelove this poem (and all the others, too).

    You are simply


    Congrats. Here's to what the future holds.

  6. Amy, Congratulations on your year of poetry. You make it look easy, though I imagine it was a challenge and a half. Your daily poems are all so polished and innovative, I'll miss them.

    I've awarded you the "Stylish Blogger" award, come by "Lesser Apricots" sometime and pick it up.

  7. I concur (with all the comments)! This has been my week to check your blog daily so I can learn about you and be inspired. Don't I owe you a phone call???

  8. Amy, I am both excited for you and sad for us the readers. I've enjoyed the daily "connection" with you. Here's to a wonderful, creative, balanced year.
    Love, Stacey

  9. Congratulations, Amy! That's an amazing accomplishment. Although I have always been astounded by your pace, it didn't occur to me that you wouldn't keep going. I'll bet a break would be rejuvenating for you. Enjoy!

  10. It is truly an amazing accomplishment!

    I'll be curious to see what changes it will bring for you in the future.


  11. "That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.” Abraham Lincoln Congratulations, Amy....what a fabulous ride you have taken us all on! Thank you for inspiring so many of us to frolic with words and play with poetry. Your daily poems will be missed, but we will keep an eye on you! You are a master motivator to many!

  12. Amy,

    Congratulations! That was a real challenge--and you met it with aplomb. Your year full of poems was indeed an accomplishment!

    P.S. Happy National Poetry Month!!!

  13. Amy! You did it! I am so proud of you! I am amazed that you kept going, every day, and put your heart into it every day. You are a very giving person, and gave all of us a wonderful gift this year in your poems and in your teaching. Thank you so much!

  14. Amy, you did it! What a joy it has been to read your poems. You've touched many lives with your words. I can't wait for your book to come out! Congratulations!

  15. Amy,
    Congratulations from all your fans in Room 203! For 365 days, your poems have inspired us, made us laugh, ponder, and even cry. There was a bit of sadness in our classroom today as we shared your final poem, but we're rejoicing with you on a job so well done! Thanks for a wonderful 365 days!

    Kristie and her students

  16. Today when I shared your poem and message, there was a long silence and many sighs from my students. One of my kids who loves to write poetry said..."maybe she'll reconsider and plan a second tour." Folk star or rock star....made me happy to hear his optimism.

    Thanks for starting our days with so many amazing ideas and smiles. We look forward to growing as writers and finding wonders in our world with you in the coming months.

  17. Why must all good things end?

    We can't wait to see what the coming year will bring!!


  18. Congratulations on an amazing year, what a wonderful year you gave each reader. I came to know about this site part way through the year at Kid Lit Con and quickly went back and "made up for lost time"...thank you and again, congratulations!

  19. Amy,

    What else can I say? All of the people above said it so well - be proud, take a breath, accept our gratitude, and know that your passion inspires all of us. Long live The Poem Farm!


  20. Dear Friends, I am rich indeed. Thank you for visiting and for your encouragement and humbling gift of and all year long. I feel so lucky. Happy Poetry Month! A.

  21. AMY! Congrats! I am blessed to know you and proud to have been an observer of your incredible journey! I am so excited about the start of poetry month! And too bad! I am going to end every one of my sentences with an exclamation point on purpose today! Have a great one!


  22. Hi, Amy. Congrats on finishing all 365 poems. What an accomplishment. "Will" is beautiful, as is what you wrote about it after the poem. You post is inspiring me to get working on one of my manuscripts I've been putting off for a while. Happy Poetry Month. What a great way to start it off!

  23. Hello Amy. Congratulations on a wonderful year of writing and growing. May it open many doors for you as you continue on your writing journey. I am blessed by knowing you and by reading your work. You touch others souls and we are grateful for your presence in our lives. What a beautiful poem to end a beautiful year. I truly look forward to seeing your writing life unfold. You are a gift!