Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hooray! It's Manure Day! Poem #349

Early Spring Field
Photo by Amy LV

This poem is dedicated to Dale Sondericker, a second grade teacher at Marilla Primary in the Iroquois Central School District.

Writing in a workshop yesterday, looking for an idea, I found myself glancing around the cafeteria.  I saw Dale writing, and my mind followed this train of thought - 

Dale is a great teacher.  Dale is also a dairy farmer.  That must be a lot of work.  We live near some dairy farmers, and they are working all of the time.  One thing our neighbors do is bring the manure trucks by to spray the fields next to our home.  I just saw one of those trucks the other day.  Seeing that truck  made me think about how our little world would smell differently that day.  Hmmm...maybe could write a poem about manure. 

While looking at Dale does not usually or immediately make me think of manure, today the leap from idea to idea, thought to thought, brought me there.

Students - follow your own thoughts today, and try writing after your writing, reflecting on how you arrived at your idea.  It isn't true that authors and writers always know what they will write before they write it.  Sometimes we all need to simply follow the leap!

As writers and creative humans, we must be ready for such leaps, willing to accept whatever presents itself as a possible poem idea.  Who knows what new crops will grow in our fertile minds?

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  1. Amy,
    We loved today's poem. I'm glad (I think)I could spark such creativity. Thank you for inspiring the poet in all of us!
    Dale & class

  2. Thank you, Dale, for being such a great sport! Your students (and cows) are darn lucky. A.