Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recycle with Birds - Poem #342

Nest Woven with Wool
Photo by Amy LV

Students - this poem came from sitting and thinking in a spot of sun.  I was listening to the spring-hopeful birds, looking out of our living room window, and I remembered the time my children and I saved their hair to leave out for the birds.  One word dipped into another, and my thoughts turned to how birds and animals are wise and resourceful in using their surroundings.  

This poem is about something I admire about birds.  What animal do you admire?  Why?  Is this something you might write about?

In the nest above, you can see a lot of sheep wool.  I've posted this photo before...I love it!  Because we have sheep, the birds around our home help themselves to wool on the ground, wool stuck to tree trunks, all colors of wool!  For more nest poems, see poem #240 and poem #275.

This spring, if you examine the nests around your home, you will see which building materials your own neighbor birds use.  If you're feeling project-y, you might even leave out strands of yarn or string or even your own hair!

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  1. Very sweet and I've done this with dog hair, twine, yarn and dryer lint! :)

  2. Very nice poem Amy, and photo!!
    ...Sometimes the crows build interesting nests in woods nearby.

  3. Amy,

    Have you ever thought of putting all the poems and poetry-writing ideas you've posted on your blog in a book?

  4. Hi Nancy, Cynthia, and Elaine, Thank you for coming over and sharing your nest thoughts! Nancy - We now have a perfect home for dryer lint. Many thanks! Cynthia - Honestly, I've never seen a crow nest and now need to look them up. I loooove nests! Elaine - I have considered doing something with these poems and ideas - for teachers - and may actually try to get organized about it. You know how the publishing world is now, but I am hoping to comb through and find something. Thank you for the kind vote of confidence! It means a lot coming from you. A.

  5. I once had the bright idea to leave out brightly colored strands of yarn for birds to build thier nests. I figured this would make their nests easier for me to spot. I was right. A few days letter, I could pick out a few nests in the trees around my house. It dawned on me later that it probably wasn't such a good idea. If I could spot the nests, so, probably, could predators. So now I stick to earth tones...

  6. Hi Amy!
    I am sitting here reading this poem with my first grade class. We talked about recycling yesterday so it seemed like a good poem for today. I was telling them about my dog Gretchen and how when I was a little girl, we used to brush her German Shepard fur and leave it in the yard for the birds! I love how poems sometimes bring back fond memories from our past and help us to think about the future poems that we might write.
    Thank You-
    Mrs. Faas and her firsties :)