Monday, March 28, 2011

Walk Your Dog in Poem #362

Cali on Road
Photo by Amy LV

Cali in Woods
Photo by Amy LV

Cali in Field
Photo by Amy LV

Students - it is amazing to take a walk with our dog Cali.  She is incredibly fast, swerving in and out, in between trees, splashing in the creek, disappearing for a long time until poof!  She's back.  She runs as I walk, and she never ever looks tired.  I think that her walks are always ten times longer than mine are.

The photos above are from the walk that the two of us took yesterday.  Notice how they are all from behind Cali.  She is one quick dog!

What amazes you?  Write about it.

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  1. Dear Amy,

    What amazes me is your year of poems. And mine! What amazes me is how writing a poem a day grounds me. Keeps me present.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

    I'm early for Poetry Friday, but I have a book due on Thursday and I may here it is, early!

    Over at, I'll be sharing a Book Spine poem on Friday.

    Also, I'll be doing the Poem-A-Day challenge again and linking to your poetry blog. Mine (which goes live on April 1st) is:

    Lovely to share the road with you! (And can't wait for Poetry Tag Time!

  2. Dear April,

    Many evenings as I wrote, I thought of you, wondering..."What is April writing tonight?" It was so good to know that you were out there in the world!

    I look forward to Poetry Tag Time too and will happily post your link!