Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hit a Poem Home!

Henry in 2008
Photo by Amy LV

Poems about Sports

Students - on Sunday, I wrote about the seasons and how writing ideas can come from the seasons right outside our window.  Well, sports have their own seasons too.  In our family, the main sport children play outside of school is baseball and softball.  Last spring, I wrote these baseball poems, mostly sitting right along the sidelines of practices and games.

That's something to think about.  Writing in different places allows us to truly observe a game, an animal, or a place in action.  When we get away from our desks and watch the world, we will see things that might not appear during desk-time.

from August 2010

 from June 2010

Here are a couple of more poems about baseball.

The boy said,
Dirty Secret

Throughout this month, I have been posting daily poetry lessons and revisits of last year's poems from here at The Poem Farm.   This will continue during the whole of National Poetry Month, and you can see the previous posts below.

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If you like baseball...here are a whole lot of baseball poems at Baseball Almanac.

Teachers and students - please know that you are more than welcome to share poetry in the comments or to send your poems to my e-mail address - amy at amylv dot com.  I would love to celebrate your work here, particularly if you are trying something special with your poem and can explain it.

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