Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How-To Poems

How to Leave Your Mark
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How-To Poems

Some poems explain a procedure, or how to do something.  It might be directions on how to play a game or make a craft or even do something silly like making an ENORMOUS snow cone.  Line-by-line, such poems walk readers through a process and teach them to do something new. 

from April 2010

from January 2011

from November 2010

Here are two more poems which explain how to do something.

Find a Roll of Foil
Two Eggs

You may have noticed that several of these poems have appeared on more than one list this month.  This is because a poem can use many strategies and cross many idea-finding paths at once.  For example, "Two Eggs" is both a how-to and a science poem.

What do you know how to do?  Try writing it out in a poem shape!

This Month's Poetry Revisits and Lessons So Far

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April 27 -  How-To Poems

For the next few days, I will continue to pull together poems from MyPoWriYe (My Poem Writing Year) 2010-2011.  Then, in May, The Poem Farm will take a brief break as it finds its new direction.  Please feel free to share ideas for this new direction!

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  1. Hi Amy,

    Wanted to post a hello to say THANKS! I used your "How To" Poems page today in a lesson along with "How to be alone" by one of our Canadian poets, Tanya Davis.

    I appreciate this website resource very much so thanks for sharing it!

    Feel free to come say hello on twitter... @nico1e


    Nicole (English, French Teacher) in Tsawassen, British Columbia