Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Once Upon a Time" Poems

Inspiration in Fairy Tales
by Amy LV

Poems about Fairy Tales

Students -  the world of fairy tales enchants our imaginations, and this makes it a perfect place to find inspiration for our own writing.  If you seek a writing idea, you might wish to start with your nearest fairy tale.  

Consider taking on a voice of one of the characters or writing a poem that tells "What happened next?" Or you might even mix two different fairy tales as I have done in "Cinderella's Leftovers."  Knowing the characters of these stories gives us a good jumping off point.

This past year, I wrote from fairy tales only two times (both poems including Cinderella), but this is something that I would like to do more frequently.  It's fun to visit that world in your mind!

from March 2011

from February 2011

Elaine Magliaro, over at Wild Rose Reader, writes many whimsically clever fairy tale poems from all angles.  Check them out here.

Too, if you have not yet read Marilyn Singer's MIRROR MIRROR: A BOOK OF REVERSIBLE VERSE, you will not want to miss it.

This is the last week that I'll be rounding up last year's poem-a-day project.  Then during a May hiatus, I will be deciding on the next direction for this blog.  I am open to suggestions!

This Month's Poetry Revisits and Lessons So Far

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April 2 -   Imagery
April 6 -   Free Verse
April 9 -   Poems about Science
April 10 - Rhyming Couplets  
April 11 -  Riddle Poems 
April 12 -  List Poems 
April 13 -  Poems for Occasions
April 14 -  Concrete Poems
April 15 -  Poems about Food
April 16 -  Quatrains
April 18 -  Alliteration
April 19 -  Poems about Sports
April 20 - Compare/Contrast Poems 
April 21 -  Family Story Poems 
April 22 -  Poems about Nature
April 23 -  Repetition
April 24 -  Today - Poems Inspired by Fairy Tales

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