Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poems About Animals We Know

by Amy LV

After a year of daily poems and strategy ideas.  I will be revisiting one strategy/technique for each day of April.  Today's thought is: remember, honor, and write about animals we know and have known.

Poems About Animals We Know

Students - some time ago, I read a haunting and true poem by Miller Williams titled "Animals."  In this poem, Miller speaks to the fact that our lives are almost like chapters of animals; we can remember different parts of our lives based on the animals we knew at that time. 

Some animals are closer to us than others, and some of us do not have pets at all.  But we all remember the animals we have loved: pets, pets of relatives, friends' pets, class pets, animals in the wild and in the cities near our homes.  Even animals from books reach into our hearts and lives.

The following are poems from this year which acknowledge loved animals.

Daisy (dedicated to Bonnie Evancho and her family)

If you wish to write an animal poem, you might start by making a list in your notebook or on a piece of paper of all of the animals you have known.  These might even include animals you have not known well, but who somehow touched you.  Once you have a list like this, you may find yourself returning to it again and again.

This Month's Poetry Revisits and Lessons So Far

Today - Poems about Animals We Know

In the beginning of May, I would love to highlight and share student poems which have been inspired by any of this month's posts.  Teachers and homeschooling parents: I welcome your students' work and plan to hold a special book giveaway for poet participants!  

Please send any pieces your students are willing to share, along with a brief bit from the writer about the inspiration/story behind the poem to amy at amylv dot com.  

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