Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quatrains! Get Your Quatrains Here!

 A Quatrain of Cranes
(Made by the Eighth Graders of AWS)
Photo by Amy LV

Quatrain Poems

Students - a quatrain is a four line poem stanza.  Many poetry books are full of quatrains, and I like writing them too.  Quatrains may rhyme in different ways, and may have different lengths of lines.  You can read about some ways people rhyme their quatrains here.

from March 2011

from July 2011

from February 2011

Here is a happy quatrain poem about homework and reading, written by Madelyn Stoklosa from Bonnie Evancho's second grade classroom at Pinehurst Elementary in the Frontier Central School District in Lake View, New York.


I sort of like my homework
but I do it every day,
and when I'm done with homework
I'd like to start to play.

And when it's time for reading
that is homework too,
I REALLY REALLY love to read,
I hope that you do too!

by Madelyn Stoklosa, age 8 

Students - go ahead!  Find two pairs of sensible rhyming words, and build a quatrain around them. 

For the second half of April, I will continue to revisit last year's daily poems in an organized way, highlighting one specific idea-finding strategy or poetic technique daily.

This Month's Poetry Revisits and Lessons So Far

April 1 -   Poems about Poems
April 2 -   Imagery
April 6 -   Free Verse
April 9 -   Poems about Science
April 10 - Rhyming Couplets  
April 11 -  Riddle Poems 
April 12 -  List Poems 
April 13 -  Poems for Occasions
April 14 -  Concrete Poems
April 15 -  Poems about Food
April 16 -  Today - Quatrains

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  1. This monthlong project of yours is amazing, Amy! What a wonderful resource you are building.

    "Car Wash" made me envision getting my car clean in a completely new way! Madelyn did a terrific job with the rhythms of her poem. Nice work, Madelyn!

  2. Car wash wasnt A B A B it was A B a random word B