Friday, July 1, 2011

What Does Your Cat Do At Night?

One Life
Photo by Georgia LV

Students - yes, another sleeping kitty picture!  After I showed today's poem to Mark, he said, "You're not telling that your cat beats up the neighborhood cats at night, are you?"  For the other day, one of our neighbors told us that our cat Mini has mixed it up in the evening with their cat a few times.  Now that we know, we can keep him in after dinner.

This is something I've often wondered: what do cats do at night?  Many times, Sarah or Mini will come home and meow at the door come morning.  Where have they been?  Who have they visited?  Cats have secret night lives, and this wondering and daily happening opened up a world into today's little verse.

Sometimes when you sit down to write, you will not know what you want to write.  That's good.  Let something float to the surface - it will.

If you are a cat lover...or a poem lover...or sure to read Betsy Franco's A CURIOUS COLLECTION OF CATS, full of fun in word and picture!

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  1. our cats can't go out at night (much as they want to!) because there are larger nocternal creatures who would do them harm.

    but they go outside during the day and... sleep! they do also explore, and sometimes when i'm out and about and see them further from home than i would have imagined they act like teens and pretend not to notice or hear me. perhaps its their independence or simply not wanting to be embarrassed around their friends.

    no doubt they hold book clubs and discuss politics and gamble, though. no doubt at all.

    nicely done.

  2. I posted about the night life of cats on Tuesday...they do have rather interesting wanderings while the rest of us sleep!

  3. Our new cat, Pearl, is our first indoor cat. The other night when we heard a fox screeching, we were so glad she was inside with us! Lovely poem!

  4. My cats were always indoor cats and they used to wake me up in the night if they got bored, by kissing me on the nose.

  5. Willie Morris runs from open window to open window to guard us against possums, raccoons, and other cats that come around the house in the late night/early morning. He's a rescue cat who has no desire to be back out in the wild, but he does like to experience it from the other side of the windows!!

  6. Wow! After writing this poem, one of our cats took off for a week. Pickles is now home and safe, but I am beginning to wonder if she didn't read these comments and take a little jaunt to visit you all! Happy purring! A.