Friday, October 14, 2011

Raking - Poems about Seasonal Stuff

Photo by Amy LV

Sometimes poems simply grow from what is in the air and weather and all around. And what is all around here in Holland, NY this mid-October week is LEAVES!

Students - this poem is just about something that I have done and see my children do. What is a normal seasonal something that you do? That someone else does? Try describing it in a poem-form. You may have noticed (how could you not?) that I repeated the word "rake" many many times. If you have ever raked leaves, you will know why I did so.

Over at my newest blog, Sharing Our Notebooks, naturalist Mark Baldwin shares how he holds onto images and the natural world through nature journaling. I welcome you to join this new classroom-friendly site as it continues to grow with many voices in the field of writing and art. And if you'd be willing to share it along with a friend, I'd be so grateful too!

Today's Poetry Friday roundup is over at Fomograms with david elzey. Enjoy today's offerings of words and love.

Oh! Please don't forget to nominate poetry books for the Cybils! There is only one day left - nominations close tomorrow, and then we begin reading and making the short list!

Happy lovely fall! (And happy raking...)

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  1. My son just said yesterday how he hoped fall would hurry up and arrive (we're in the deep south) so he could get out there and rake rake rake! I'll share your poem with him. :)

  2. to my ear, "rake" is onomatopoetic. if you draw out the vowel...

    i have to say, after all that raking, i would have been disappointed it there hadn't been that final leap!

  3. The poem really says it all, 'I rake and rake and . . .' It's a wonderful time of year, but all those leaves eventually wear me out. The fun is always having a jump in. Thanks for the so timely poem!

  4. Could hear the crunch of the leaves and taste the oranges and yellows as you rake rake rake them all into a pile. Enjoy autumn!

  5. So many HAPPY memories of playing in leaves! Unfortunately now it's just rake and rake and rake and rake and rake! (Gusty winds all day yesterday, so guess what we'll do again today?!?!)

  6. I love this! I'd rather read the poem than rake the leaves!

  7. Amy, you always manage to get at the simple heart of the thing (while I conceptualize complicatedly about stuff a la "Plenty"). This one is going to become a Poem of the Week in my class and it makes me want to go out and buy a dozen kids' rakes so we can clean up under the Mighty Minnows' maple tree.
    My word verif is "amlea", as in "i amlea ves"

  8. Well...this really IS going to be the raking weekend. Last weekend was just "writing about raking!" Happy fall to you, leaves or not... A.