Friday, December 23, 2011


by Amy LV

Students - Everyone is full of secrets at our house these days, stealing off to bedrooms with scissors and tape, paper and bows. Between sips of egg nog and licks of peppermint, we're all getting excited to give gifts to one another. I love thinking about what my family will like to open on Christmas morning and I love making, finding, and wrapping gifts. Just like when I was a little girl, it is difficult to wait! Writing today's poem, I took that waiting-feeling and wrapped it up inside a poem.

I remember many years ago when Hope (now thirteen) was four years old. Mark had taken her to go Christmas shopping, and she was intent on keeping my present a secret. Hope was fascinated with bathrooms at that age, and I was charmed to hear her exclaim, "Mommy! There was a potty at the watch store!" Mark's secret was out, but we will tell that adorable story forever.

In happy poetry-news, I am pleased to share that I AM THE BOOK, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins, has won a Nerdy Book Club Award, and my poem from that book ("Book") appears on the award posting.  It was a gift to be a part of this book-love anthology...thank you, Lee!

Many good wishes to all of you and your loved ones during this beautiful time of love and light.

Dori is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Dori Reads. Cheers!

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  1. I love your sketch and poem, brings it all back. I remember I used to beg some of my relatives to open mine first! And how nice for I Am The Book and for you. I bought it several months ago & have enjoyed it so much. There is much in there to enjoy and to share! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Amy! :) It was such a joy discovering your poems through Poetry Friday.

  3. Amy, Congratulations on the award for I Am the Book and your poem. What a wonderful Christmas gift. I seem to be technologically challenged this morning and can't figure out how to remove that first link. So maybe double traffic will be you stocking stuffer for the day. And I certainly didn't mind unwrapping your Poetry Friday poem twice.

  4. How wonderful about I Am the Book! Thanks for sharing the excitement of the season in your poem. I feel exactly that way about the gift I got for my husband. Can't wait for him to open it. :) Merry Poetry Friday!

  5. congrats on the poem and the award news!

    its funny how that excitement about wanting people to open presents doesn't ever really go away. well captured.

  6. The poem was great, but what I liked most was your story about Hope and the bathrooms! I can just imagine my own daughter doing that at that age. She probably never knew she'd revealed the present at the time!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. I like this! Every year I love seeing how my kids, who pass out the presents, want to give theirs first, before receiving any.

  8. Great poem. And the excitement is still there, even when we're all grown up. My package came from NYC, and expecting it to be wrapped, I went ahead and opened the box. Accidental early present! The excitement went back and forth from OH to NY via text and phone. My box hadn't gotten to NYC yet, and bro was not shy to tell me he'd been looking for it! (part of that excitement is the homemade candy!!) The package to Mom has made it to CO, chocolates have made it to much fun making people happy!

    Hugs and happy holiday to you and yours!


  9. Amy, I love the eagerness of my grandkids shuffling through the pile of presents to find the one they chose for me. Your poem captures this feeling. And I just received an early gift tonight from caroling grandchildren. Congratulations on your poem in I Am the Book!

  10. Thank you to everyone for the good book and Christmas wishes! I hope that you had a beautiful holiday...with candy that's as yummy as Mary Lee's! a.