Monday, January 23, 2012

Library Book

Students - this is a poem that I wrote a few years ago, a poem about something I love to do...take books out from the library! (Our family is much much better at taking books out than returning them on time, but fortunately the library likes our overdue fines too.)  Is there something that gives you a so-full-happy-cannot-wait-feeling?  If so, then you must write about it!  Maybe even today...

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  1. This so perfectly captures the excitement of a new book waiting to be read!

  2. So, Amy, this is a memoir! And I love it. I will share it with my writing group for sure. I bet mothers everywhere who are so faithfully taking their children to the library will love it too!

  3. I'm bad at remembering to bring things back on time, too, and I think the same thing!
    The only thing better new library books are school book orders. New books for less than five dollars? Awesome. :)

  4. Love this poem and the image it evokes.