Monday, February 27, 2012

Dilemma - Writing from "What If?"

by Amy LV

Students - More and more, I believe that writing without a plan is a good practice.  Sometimes people sit down and think, "I cannot write because I do not already have a writing idea."  But if you sit and just start writing any old gibberish, an idea will come and sit on your shoulder!  

The other day I sat and just wrote the words What if? in the margin of my big black notebook, and today's poem showed up.  

Try it sometime.  Sit down to write when you have no idea what you will write about.  Just start.  Let the idea sit on your shoulder!  (Don't think it will not come.  Such thoughts scare ideas away!)

If you're not sure what to write, start with What if?

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  1. Oh what a world our minds weave inside us! How fun that this is the poem you found, clever and a good story between siblings. You've just reminded me of something my son would tell his younger sister from a locked bathroom door-that she was missing a tiny circus that was performing in the bathroom. She was crushed that she continued to miss it! Of course we didn't learn about this for a long while, until she finally told us about her teasing brother. Thanks, Amy!

  2. Love this, Amy. And it just gave me an idea for my young authors conference in a few weeks.

  3. this is a great poem i just love its grammar!