Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kindness - Poems About What We Have Learned

by Amy LV

Students - I am a dropper, a spiller, a tripper...and so there have been many times that people have helped me pick up my crayons, my boots, my silverware. Whenever someone else drops something, I know how he or she feels. I have learned to stop and help that person as others have helped me.

Today's poemstory represents just a snip of time - the first six lines could take place in maybe one minute. The last two lines are a reflection on what the speaker has learned from this experience - to be kind, to help.

What lesson have you learned from an experience? Might this find its way into a notebook entry or poem? What is a trait you admire? Can you think of a tiny story which illustrates this trait?  I always feel a twinge of worry and sadness when someone makes a big spill, and somehow that twinge came into my mind last night.

Teachers - one poem I mention in this space over and over, is Naomi Shihab Nye's Kindness. It has changed my life.

Over at Mentoring Monday, Lisa Dabbs has a post about kindness in the classroom and information about the movie, FINDING KIND.

And today, on the same kindness wavelength, is Mary Lee Hahn over at A Year of Reading.  Do not miss her list of books that evoke empathy.

Ruth Ayres has been kind enough to share her notebooks and fierce wonderings over at Sharing Our Notebooks this week.  If you're a notebook peeker, you will not want to miss it!

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  1. You need to go over and read Mary Lee's post at Year of Reading today. They fit together perfectly. Using your poem with my fourth graders today! Thanks so much!

  2. A lovely 'pay it forward' poem. And Carol is right, your posts mesh together well for all of us. I like that this fits young students, will connect to their experiences.

  3. Cute poem! I think I will go now and try to write a kindness poem.

  4. Hi Amy,

    You are always spreading kindness or as quoted by a 4th grader, "Sow seeds of kindness wherever you go." Last week we celebrated National Kindness Week at our school. One of the highlights was a door decorating contest. I wrote about it last week and hope to add some student writing and photos shortly.