Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Suitcase - Eavesdropping Poems

Time to Unpack
Photo by Amy LV

Students - once again, I would like to encourage to to keep your ears open. If you are in a public place and hear an interesting snippet of language or a curious comparison or a clever mishmosh of words, you can tuck it in your brain and save it for later writing. I overheard such a line yesterday...on an airplane!

Last night I came home from two days of teaching and working with wonderful teachers at Fowler School and Green Meadow School in Maynard, MA. Waiting for our plane to arrive at the gate, I found myself listening to a little girl talking with her mom. She said, "We'll go get our suitcases from the little roller coaster now." It was one of the cutest sentences I'd ever heard, and I knew that it would form the beginning of today's poem. Great lines are dropping from the sky every day, but our ears must be ready to catch them!

I still may play more with this one. Part of me wants to try a free verse poem using this little girl's words as well. If I do, I'll share it in this space. And if you try sprouting a poem from an overheard line, please let me know.

As for roller coasters, I'm not a rider. But I do love Marla Frazee's book ROLLER COASTER.

If you've ever wondered how roller coasters you go!

It's February 1!  This means that there are only 2 weeks left until we find out about the winners of the 2012 CYBILS!  Here, again, are the poetry finalists.

Many congratulations to Kristine O'Connell George for winning Bank Street College's Claudia Lewis Award for EMMA DILEMMA!

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