Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Dreams & Poetry Month

Baby Dreams
by Amy LV

Students - Sometimes I wonder and imagine what other people and animals are thinking and doing inside of their minds.  This poem came from such a place.  I thought about our children when they were babies, and I wondered what they dreamed about.  Of course I do not know, so I made it up.  Writing is great like that.  If you don't know something...imagine that you do, and write from that place.  Your brain at work!

Teachers - This is also a list poem, a simple poem structure which often ends with a twist, or in this case, a very short line.  Writing list poems is a great thing to try on as a class, even at the end of a science or social studies unit.

If you want to know more about dreams and dreaming, visit Wonderopolis, an incredible resource for all sorts of wonders.

You may know that I have been participating in a March Madness poetry tournament over at Ed DeCaria's blog, Think Kid, Think!  The whole concept is so clever, and I made a bunch of new poemwriting friends. Now I am out, and there are only 4 poets left.  We can keep reading and enjoying and following the madness here for about another week, and the new poems go up on Saturday morning!

Happy almost National Poetry Month...

To celebrate April, I will be doing three special things.  The first is a Dictionary Hike, which you can read about here or at the top left hand corner of this blog. Please feel free to join in for any letter you wish, maybe the first letter of your name?

The second special thing is that I will be featuring poet-notebooks over at Sharing Our Notebooks, my blog dedicated to notebooks.  So far we will be peeking into notebooks of Allan Wolf, Janet Wong, and Rebecca Kai Dotlich!  Stay tuned.

Finally, you can watch for a few poetry book giveaways here throughout the month.  I'll let you know about those and also where I will be sharing around the Internet. (Yesterday I recorded my first poetry video...with funny!)

Guess what? The Poem Farm is 2 years old now.  What began as a whim to write a poem each day for a month in 2010 grew to a poem each day for a whole year and then...well...I just stayed.  Thank you so much for reading and visiting, and I appreciate all of your kindness and sharing.  

Heidi is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at My Juicy Little Universe. Don't miss the fun on this last Friday before National Poetry Month begins.

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  1. Amy, sorry you didn't make it to the final four-I loved all your poems. And I love this baby poem, will send it to my daughter for her 8 month old! I love that cuddly warm places/family faces. Don't you think they really do dream those things? I'm so looking forward to poetry month & I see you have exciting plans. Have fun!

  2. Well, guess I'm not finished. Congratulations on your two years. I'm glad you kept going!!

  3. Amy, I was rooting for you to go into the finals over at the March Poetry Madness tournament. You did a great job with your poems. Love the single syllable ending to your "Baby Dreams Of..." poem, too!

  4. Very sweet poem (and illustration)! Congrats on two great years!

  5. Hi, Amy. We are expecting a new baby (my 2nd nephew) in the family any day. I'm going to share your poem with the mom-to-be. If you're still looking for poetry notebooks, I'd be happy to share mine. It's a mess, but I always bring it to schools when I visit. The students love to see that writing can be messy.

  6. Sweet baby poem! Love all the drawings you include with your poems, too. Congrats on the great poems you did for the MM and on blogging for 2 years here.

  7. I too remember looking at my kids sweet faces and watching their eyes go back and forth, often they'd be just every so slightly sucking at their bottom lip. I alwasy thought they must be dreaming about drinking a bottle. Last night my baby (7 yr old) woke up with a night terror - not really asleep, but not really awake and crying and talking. It was HORRIBLE - poor baby!

  8. Congrats on everything. I'm so proud of you. Keep cultivating. Poem farm forever!!!!!

  9. Perfect baby poem...and congratulations on all the poetry successes!

  10. I love this! Definitely your last line describes what my babies dreamed about: I could see their mouths moving in their sleep as though they were drinking! It always made me smile.

  11. I never cease being amazed at how your mind blossoms with poetic ideas, Amy! Congratulations on two years!!


  12. Yes, Happy Bloggiversary, Amy! I too always enjoy your little drawings. I think your Dictionary Hike is a great one (not unlike the challenge of March Madness, and I thought you were going through to the end!) Shopping for a new notebook now...

  13. Has it really been two years already? Seems like just yesterday that you stepped into our lives and our hearts!

    I'm going to do some dictionary hiking as part of my NPM poems. Thanks for the great idea!