Monday, March 12, 2012

Seeds & Writing About Mysteries

Planting with Henry, Hope, & Georgia
Photo by Amy LV

Students - one of my favorite things about being alive is all of the new things there are to learn! This year, my friend Kristen taught me about winter sowing, a way to plant seeds even when it's snowing and freezing. Now our family has a whole city of milk jug greenhouses in the yard, just waiting for spring. We can't wait to welcome: lavender, basil, tomatoes, eggplant, morning glories, pumpkins, cilantro, Brussels sprouts, and so much more...

Seeds have always been mysterious to me. How does the seed KNOW what it's supposed to be? Writing ideas often grow from such mysteries. What do you find fascinating and amazing? What baffles you? Keep an eye on your brain for when such thoughts arise!

If it's still wintry where you are, you can plant seeds in your milk jugs too. Just check out for how-to.

Tiny Milk Jug Greenhouses
Photo by Amy LV

Tonight I will be joining the fun over at Think Kid, Think! where Ed DeCaria has set up a March Madness Poetry Tournament. I'll be in the first round of 64 writers, and then...who knows? I encourage you to check out the tournament and vote in Round 1. Thank you to Ed for all he's done to set this up! It's goodfunmadness, indeed.

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  1. Good Luck with the March Poetry Madness

  2. Yes, me too-good luck! I am nervous! As to your poem. Seeds just seem like miracles to me when I think of them. All THAT in one of those tiny things! And so, I love the thought of them having tiny brains. Nice, Amy!

  3. Thank you, Joy & Linda! So funny with the may just drive me mad with nerves too. It's such fun that Ed put this whole thing together...I cannot wait to read all of the poems!