Monday, April 9, 2012


Photo by Amy LV

Jack & Balloon
Photo by Heidi LZ

Inflation - 1. The act or process of inflating: The inflation of the balloons for the party took all morning. 2. A rise in the usual prices of goods and services.

Students - Working with today's word, I was unsure where to begin. The word INFLATION first made me think of money and rising prices. Then I got to thinking about balloons. Then, as I often do, I began thinking how it would feel to BE a balloon, and I imagined what a little flat balloon would feel when placed inside a child's puffing mouth. I think it it would feel excited, and probably afraid too!

In my notebook, this poem is written in a straight line; it is not shaped like a balloon at all. But when I got typing, I got thinking, "Hmmm....this might be a good concrete poem." And so I played with the lines until the words formed themselves into this shape.

If you would like to see more of my concrete poems, look in the top sidebar under FIND A POEM BY TECHNIQUE, and you will find a few. Usually I do not plan to write a concrete poem. I just plan to write a poem, and when it gets to typing-time, the concrete-idea strikes.

In case you are new here - this month, I am walking, letter-by-letter, through the dictionary, (closed-eyed) pointing to a letter each day, and writing from it. You can read poems A-H by checking the sidebar, and you can read Lisa's accompanying haiku at her blog, Lisa's Poem of the Week.

And if you did not visit Friday's! Laura Purdie Salas shares a behind-the-scenes look at one of her poems from BOOKSPEAK! You can learn a new poem form and enter in a giveaway for this fantastic book on that post through tonight.

Jack & Hope Watch Balloon
Photo by Heidi LZ

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  1. Tough word today, Amy! I love what you did with a concrete balloon poem. Here is my haiku offering:

    Deeper Meaning

    Inflation expands.
    Think not the economy
    instead, elation!

  2. So, I am assuming that Jack & Hope's balloon was 'inflated' just right! Amy, I immediately thought $$ when I saw your word, & then you did it again, a clever 'kid' use of the word. The concrete poem is an added bonus. Thanks!

  3. Amy,

    I had the same first thought about the word inflation. Love the way your imagination works...and your poem!

  4. Love the shape of this poem. Oh, the things we would have to worry about if we were a balloon. :O)