Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for YET

Y is for YET
Photo by Amy LV

Cali in 2009
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We're pet lovers here at Heart Rock Farm. With 2 dogs, 5 cats, a rabbit, 7 sheep, 14ish chickens, and a fish, (and two class pet guinea pigs spending the weekend), there is always a creature to love. I'm a great believer in pets making people kinder and more responsible too. So when I sat to write a poem using the word YET, I thought of NOT YET, and then I thought about things that parents might say NOT YET about.

Our family is trying to learn to say NO MORE when it comes to pets!

Students - This short and simple poem is written in rhyming couplets - each pair of two lines rhymes at the ends of the lines.  I do not write often in couplets, but this poem felt so simple and sad that I wanted the meter to match. What do you notice about the syllables?  Do you notice anything else about this poem?  (Hint - look at the ending.)

If you are new to The Poem Farm, welcome! This month I have been walking, letter-by-letter, through the dictionary (closed-eyed), pointing to a letter each day, and writing from it. You can read poems A-X by checking the sidebar, and you can visit Lisa Vihos and read her accompanying daily haiku at, Lisa's Poem of the Week. In today's comments, watch for Lisa's Haiku and also Christophe's haiku. It's a lot of fun to meet new friends in the poetry forest.

Over at my other blog, Sharing Our Notebooks, there are two new peekable notebooks. So if you are a notebook-keeper, a notebook-keeper-hopeful, or a teacher who uses notebooks in your classroom, please don't miss Suz Blackaby's post about her process and word tickets or Allan Wolf's post about wall writing and butt books.

Monday is the first chalking celebration over at Teaching Young Writers. Join organizer-Betsy, Linda from TeacherDance, many others, and me as we chalk, photograph, and share poems. April 30!

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  1. Yet. A great word.

    Check out Peter Johnston's new book OPENING MINDS. He's got a lot to say about YET.

  2. I'm still waiting to get another pet, but not yet. I'm just too busy out of the house to leave a dear pet alone so much, but your poem, Amy, connected to a student I had that wanted a dog so much she ended up volunteering at our local shelter just to get some pet time. Thanks!

  3. Amy,

    Your poem brings to mind something that happened when my daughter was in first grade. My Sara always brought home books about kittens and puppies and bunnies from our school library. She loved Jiggles the bunny that her teacher had rescued and kept in school as the class pet. One day near the end of the school year, her teacher--who was an amazing educator and one of the kindest and most loving people that I have ever met--said to me, "Will you get your kid a pet?"

    She was right. Sara needed a pet of her own to love and to cuddle and to care for. My husband and I got her a cat for her eighth birthday