Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Always & An Adoption Alert!

New Kitties at Sprucelands
Photo by Amy LV

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Don't you just want to eat these kittens?  Well, maybe you did not have that immediate reaction, but I sure did when I saw these tiny ones last weekend at our family's favorite camp, Sprucelands.  You will be happy to know that I did NOT eat the kittens; I simply took this picture of them.  

Every time I look at this picture, I wonder where these kittens will live in just a few weeks...who their families will be...what their names will be.  Some of them will come to live with families who have wanted or needed a cat for a long time. And some may choose families who decide to adopt them in a moment of inspiration.  For this poem, I decided to write about this very moment in time, this moment of a season that will only be here once.  Today.

Students - Last Friday, I promised that two of this week's poems would be free verse.  I got myself into a bit of a quatrain-rut last week, so you will see that Monday's poem is in couplets, and today and Friday will be free verse.  When you look at today's poem, you will notice that it does not rhyme.  However, this does not mean that it does not rely on any other poetic elements.  As always, I read this poem aloud several times to listen for a balance of syllables, and can you find where I used repetition to tie parts together?

If you live in the Buffalo, NY area and would like to adopt one of these kittens or a gray one from another litter, please just leave a comment to let me know. Eileen, the owner and director of Sprucelands, will soon place them into my hands as I am a kitten broker as well as writing teacher.  Watch for these little ones following our family to baseball and soccer games through June, ready for adoption!

Is one of these kittens dreaming of you?

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  1. What a magical poem, Amy! And, no, I can't have a kitten--though I'd love one:>)

  2. I do like your poem and the idea of ripening kittens. I have two cats already, and, since I'm allergic, a third would probably tip me over the edge. ;-)

  3. The idea of those children waiting is wonderful, Amy, & fluffing those kitten beds. Ah-h-nice. Your poem yearns for kitten homes, I think! I just do not live close enough. Thanks!

  4. What a precious picture, and a lovely poem. My heart dreams of bringing home a kitten like that, but my husband's major allergies keep that dream from coming true.... :(

  5. This poem reminded me of the character Clementine who misses her kitten Polka and is desperate for a new one. There is something so sweet about a fresh kitten on your cheek.

  6. Ripened kitties! I would take ten if I could. What a sweet and fluffy poem.