Friday, June 29, 2012

Mechanic - Imagination Poems

Replacing the Bulb
by Amy LV

Students - Sometimes I like to think about the world of animals, to imagine what it's like and all of the secrets that bugs and birds and little mammals have. Do they have mechanics? I imagine not...but it's fun to imagine that they do. Have you ever imagined something silly about the animal world? Such journeys of thought might give you a poem or two!

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  1. Love your mechanics poem. Bravo!!

    And congrats on the 300 milestone. :)

  2. That's fantastically good. I'm going to share that with my daughter today. Wonderful rhythm and rhymes!


  3. That's a delightful poem - I love all the ailments you summon up. Maybe I'll look at spiders differently now? Well, I can imagine I might ;-)

    Congratulations on your 300 milesotne - and what a wonderful way to celebrate.

  4. How fun, I love this idea and would love to be one of these mechanics. A bug's eye view would be interesting wouldn't it?

  5. Amy, you have the best imagination! This is funny. You've got me thinking about other 'professionals' who might be needed: doctors repairing broken legs! instructors teaching all kinds of things, like how to buzz, hover, hide. And on and on. I know that once you get going, there's no stopping! Thanks for this fun poem!

  6. That poem is charming, Amy! and I love what you did to celebrate reaching 300.