Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon - A Goodbye/Hello Poem

Blue Moon
by Amy LV

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Students - Astronaut Neil Armstrong died this week.  Because I was born in 1970, I do not remember watching Neil walking on the moon (he was the first person to ever do this!) but I have thought about him a lot, especially this week as I listened to npr and looked up at the sky.  A private man, Neil Armstrong did something that only 12 people have ever done.

Last night was a blue moon, the second full moon in August.  And in Western New York, it was a stunner, perfectly bright and clear. So beautiful that our children told me stories they've learned in school of "the rabbit in the moon" and "the grandmother in the moon."  Thinking about Neil's death and this month's blue moon, I began wondering if the moon chose to honor Neil's memory, to welcome Neil with a second full appearance this August.

Today's poem grew from a blending of current events and natural events and my questions.  It is also a poem of goodbye.  People often write poems to honor another's memory; this is one way to heal.

Thank you to my daughter Georgia, for it is she who said, "I love it when the moon looks like a dime!"

To read all about Apollo 11, check out NASA's wonderful student features.  To learn more, check out this NASA page.  If you would like to learn more about blue moons, check out Info. Please.  And I love to listen to Nanci Griffith singing Once in a Very Blue Moon.

Many congratulations to Theresa (Looking for the Write Words)....winner of last week's giveaway of THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY (see sidebar)! Today is my last giveaway of this new book.  To win, please just leave a comment on today's post, and one commenter - to be announced next Friday - will receive a copy of this new anthology.

In other Poetry Friday news, you can now apply to become a Poetry Friday Ambassador.  This sounds like a lot of fun to me, and there is more information here!

Over at my other blog, Sharing Our Notebooks, I welcome author Peter Salomon and congratulate him on his forthcoming book, HENRY FRANKS. Stop by and read about his first notebooks and enter yourself in the giveaway of his new book, coming out next week!

Sylvia is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Poetry for Children. May your weekend and school year be full of poetry.  Beginning on Monday, I will be back and posting here 3x/week.

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  1. Thanks for all the links, Amy. I want to second your recommendation of the NASA pages--they're great.

    I receive a daily photo from NASA. Each day's contribution is a surprise like this.

  2. Hi Amy, I wrote about the blue moon too, just couldn't ignore this wonderful thing we get to see so often, and dream about, marvel over. I love that image of the moon like a dime. It is, often! I was sad about Neil Armstrong, a legend now I guess. He has kept in the background more than most. I hope someone is writing a good biography! Thanks for the poem, Amy. Love the moon poems!

  3. Hi Amy,

    We too have been marveling about the blue moon this week. I can't get enough of the gorgeous blue-sky days and dime-like moon (perfect description by Georgia). I continue to gather your poems and words of wisdom to share with my new 4th grade writers. I am excited to learn that I will have won a copy of the Poetry Friday Anthology to add to our poetry corner! I also purchased the e-version for my Kindle app at school and now will have a print copy to go with it. No matter what I will think I will always prefer the real book to hold in our hands. Many thanks!! Happy Blue-Moon weekend!

    ~ Theresa

  4. Oh, I do so love the thought of the blue moon welcoming Mr. Armstrong's newly freed spirit...

  5. Wow, I didn't even think of the connection between Armstrong and the blue moon - what a beautiful idea, Amy.

    I'm back to blogging, and so glad you are too!

  6. Once again you inspire me to keep scribbling! ALV POWER!!!!!!