Friday, September 21, 2012

An Extra Post for Poetry Friday!

Greetings again! Today I have a special second Poetry Friday post for everybody. This morning I was greeted by a cheerful e-mail from second grade teacher Mrs. Laurie Luft in the Spencerport School District near Rochester, NY. She told me that her class reads regularly here, and that they are learning about blogs.

Later in the afternoon, Laurie sent this wonderful poem by Trevor, a young writer in her class. If you've ever cut onions, you will certainly agree that this is not only a clever poem, but it holds a great idea too. When I make soup this evening, I may just reach for my son Henry's blue goggles! Did you notice Trevor's neat use of counting in line 4?

Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles
for cutting up onions
with a sharp knife
cutting 1, 2, 3, 4
and still have more.

by Trevor

Sometimes when I read poems, I get ideas for new poems.  Doesn't this poem make you wonder what other objects could be used for different purposes? Hmmm....

Happy Poetry Weekend to everyone!  And many thanks to Trevor and Laurie for sharing their love of words, poems,  My fingers are crossed that there will be more poetry coming our way from this class.  (Cross your fingers too!)

ps - If anyone in Mrs. Luft's class would like to draw a picture to go with Trevor's poem, please just send it along to me, and I will include it with the words here....

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  1. Just opened my new copy of the Reading Teacher and there is a sort of "retrospective" article by Katie Ray about her book Wondrous Words. On the second page of the article, the second teacher quoted is Amy LV talking about how her birdwatching experiences changed the ways she sees birds. And how intentionally reading as a writer changed the way she reads. I never read Katie Ray's book, but I taught this way! Nancie Atwell said it early on: Readers read writing, writers write reading. If you look at the craft of what a writer does and learn from those mentors, you are on your way. Now I have a new book to look for! And poetry, I think, is so often just by "being" almost an homage to words. If you were to ask my former students what I love, they would say words, then poems and books!!! I used to tell them that the first day of school! Hope you have seen the article by now. Janet F.

  2. Different uses for different objects? Well, this reminds me of my 2-yr-old son using the plunger as a baton! THanks for sharing, Amy!

  3. Great poem, Trevor - and I love the goggles idea :-)

  4. I am so proud of you Trevor, you are truly a treasure! XOXO, Mom and Dad!

  5. Oh Amy! I am so glad to see my pal Laurie featured on the blog! She is a Wonderful teacher as you can tell by the greatness that she inspires in her students!

  6. Congratulations, Trevor! You are definitely Grandma Neelie's great grandson! So proud of you! Granny and Grandad

  7. Very clever! My eyes started watering the other day when I was cutting up a lot of chives -- Trevor's idea could have multiple uses :-)

  8. I like the rhythm of the poem, Trevor, and the fact that you captured a good idea for the kitchen. I am assuming that goggles are now hanging somewhere for all to use! Thanks, Amy for sharing this too.

  9. This is the author, Trevor. I am glad you all like my poem!

  10. Trevor was the first one to say "Can I post this on The Poem Farm blog?!" He was so excited and proud of his work and wanted to share it! You are a thinker Trevor and we are all proud of you!
    Love, Mrs. Luft

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  12. Thank you Trevor for your awesome poem. I recently bought goggles to take with me when I visited my daughter in Key West. I planned on using them in the ocean to see all the beautiful sea life. Well she just moved to Napa Valley. The ocean is at least one and one half hour away so I won't be using mr goggles as much as I had planned. So thanks to you I now have a new use for them in the kitchen. Yes, mine will be hanging in the kitchen waiting for onions and any other food or drink that might require goggles. Today I'm going to try using them for when I open the hot oven. Usually my regular glasses get all steamed up. I'm hoping the goggles, after wetting them a bit inside won't. I'll keep you posted on my experiment! Thanks again Trevor. Love, Nancy Happ

    September 23, 2012 8:25 AM

  13. Amy and Laurie - thank you for being such great educators by sharing such a delightful poem. Trevor - thank you for sharing such a creative thought through poetry. I was up all last night trying to think of other objects we could use to solve little problems like eyes watering from peeling onions! You really got me thinking, and that's the sign of a great author. So many thanks to all.

  14. Wow, Trevor. You are a smarty patarty! I usually avoid cutting onions but will now have a good idea to use so I don't cry. Can't wait to read your next poem <3 . Love, hugs and congratulations. Miss Sue

  15. Trevor - You saved a lot of eyes this week...and gave a lot of smiles! Thank you again for sharing your words here. And thank you to your teacher, Mrs. Luft, for introducing us!

    Everybody - Thank you very much for your generous comments here. I truly appreciate you joining me in celebrating young writers.

    Janet - Yes, I saw the article! You will indeed love WONDROUS WORDS, one of my forever-favorites...


  16. Wonderful poem Trevor. What amazing creativity! Uncle Nathan and Aunt Andrea are very proud of you!!!

  17. Hi Trevor,
    I just realized in my hurry to write to Amy LV about her being mentioned in an article, I forgot to tell you how much I liked your poem. You made me SEE without tears by the way what was happening. We have swim goggles in our house and I think I will use a pair next time to save my eyes from those pesky onions!. Hope you are super careful with your chopping knife and I HOPE you will write more poems for us to enjoy!!