Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For One Day - Writing from a Photograph

On Sanders Hill Road
Photo by Amy LV

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Students - Yesterday as I was driving to the post office, I passed this barn. Now, I've passed this barn many times before, but today I actually pulled into the driveway, stopped, and took a picture of it.  On Monday, I'd read this week's poetry stretch at The Miss Rumphius Effect -- to write from a photograph -- and the barn above just felt perfect.

I've never written an imaginary story from a photo before; usually I'll write a family story.  So this was a stretch...and a fun one at that.  Today's verse makes me think about how many writers ask "What if?" to get a story going.  What if bicycles could fly?  What if they did so again?

Stuck?  Take any photo and play with this idea.  Imagine a "What if?" of your own from any picture at all!

'Want to know something funny?  Just as I was about to take a second photograph of this barn, I saw a truck drive down the hill with its blinker on. Yep, it was the man who lived here, ready to turn into his own driveway.  I backed out and called through my open car window to his open truck window, "I was taking a picture of your roof!"  He gave me a salute-wave, and we went our separate ways.  (I may slip a copy of this poem in his mailbox...)

This week over at my other blog, Sharing Our Notebooks, I am so happy to welcome Barry Lane.  Barry is a cartoonist, a songwriter, a teacher of teachers, and a very inspiring notebook keeper.  If you keep a notebook (or if you're a curious person) do not miss his post.  Teachers - he has also offered a generous giveaway of two of his books about writing and a CD!  

I have also just added an index to Sharing Our Notebooks.  Click here to see a list of previous posters.  I will continue to add to the descriptions of the posts so far.

Today I have finally linked all of the wonderful Poetry Peeks into one index.  If you are looking for some inspiration, student mentor poems, or ideas for ways to bring more poetry into your classroom, don't miss this new index.  You will permanently find it in the tabs up top!

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  1. I do love those serendipitous events, like you reading Tricia's post, then seeing this barn. And it turned into a poem of delight, Amy. You've almost had me believing that your father told the story! Wouldn't it be great? I know that my son went 'flying' on his bike, especially in the early days when he had just learned. He felt so free! Thanks!