Monday, October 29, 2012

Spinwishes - Writing from Objects

My Kaleidoscope
Photo by Amy LV

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Sutdents - Today’s handful of words is a small tribute to the feeling I have each time I look into the end of my brass kaleidoscope.  It had been a long time since I picked this old treasure up, but recently I held it to my face in wonder once more.  I peeked into that magical cylinder, and like jacks sprinkling a sidewalk,
questions poured out:
  • Where did this glass come from
  • Does everyone see the same thing in here?
  • Will these patterns ever repeat in such a way again?
  • Who made this whirling work of twinkling art?
  • Why can’t I see the world in kaleidoscope patterns all the time?
As a notebook keeper, I tuck wee snips of beauty and surprise into my blank pages every day, uncertain if they will one day grow into something “sharable.” Sometimes they turn into poems or essays right away.  Sometimes they never do.  And sometimes they do, but it just takes many months or years for them to grow up into something ready for others to read.  That is the beauty of a notebook.

A notebook is a place to save things that you just may need, or you just may not...but either way, you've got them.  (This is how I feel about all of the candles and chocolate chips I have stocked up for the oncoming storm!  For a laugh, see my old WBFO essay about readying for storms.)

Writing verse brings me joy in that line-by-line, I am surprised by which words decide to show up for the party.  I began “Spinwishes” as a celebration of an object - a brass kaleidoscope - and ended up with a bit of a funny wish, not something I had planned at all.  The contrast of lovely geometric lace to that of a person walking with kaleidoscopic eye sockets makes me smile.

Try this yourself.  Just choose an object near to you.  Look at it closely.  Pick it up in your hands and examine it from various angles.  Ask yourself some questions about it.  Feel it in your hands. Let some new thoughts rise in your mind. Now...mind open...write!

If you do not see a post from me on Wednesday, please know the VanDerwater family does not have power...  If this happens, know that I will be back as soon as possible...and writing by candlelight until the lights return!

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  1. FYI-my google reader changed over to the bloodspot address-no problem with that for me, at least. Best to you with the address & with the coming storm, Amy. Thinking of all of you! And, I have a kaleidoscope too, enjoyed your poem. I also have one that makes the pictures of anything-no glass. I've used it at school for students writing. I love the image of 'geometric lace'. It is exactly that! Thank you.