Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome to Doodler Samuel Kent!

Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you.

Students - I found Samuel Kent's creative and cheerful website,, through a Tweet (a less than 140 character message on Twitter) from poet Kenn Nesbitt.  I was then and continue to be amazed and touched by Samuel's dedication to draw so many warm doodles for his children's lunchboxes.  One day, I sent him a Tweet asking if he might be willing to draw a doodle for me...and he was!  And he did!  Doesn't this drawing make you smile?

Today's poem is a story poem.  I have always liked the idea of unlikely friends becoming good ones, and Samuel's poem allowed me to play with this idea in a new way. Thank you, Samuel, for this drawing.  You are my new fall friend!

Structure-wise, if you look at the rhyme-scheme of today's poem, you will notice that the rhymes fall in quatrains, alternate lines rhyming.  However, the lines do not fall in sets of four.  At first they did, but later I decided to keep the thoughts of each character together, and I think this works best.

This poem also connects to last week's bird poem, which begins with a description of birds in flight and ends with a wonder about what it is like to fly. If you revisit that post, you can read second grader Meghan's new poem Blue Bird, Blue Bird (just added).  It is so beautiful, and I am sure she would love to hear your comments!

Now we all have a new place to look for writing inspiration.  If the blank paper intimidates you one day, head on over to, scroll through Samuel's doodles, choose one, and write.  I imagine that Samuel would love to read what you write from his drawings.

You can read the story of The Lunchbox Doodles here. And if you have questions for Samuel Kent, The Lunchbox Doodler, there are answers here.

And may you, too, find an unlikely and cheerful fall friend....

Nina Crittenden is my guest at Sharing Our Notebooks this week.  Stop by and see the types of notebooks she uses and how she continues to create.  (You will also have a chance to be entered into Nina's generous drawing of a book and pocket notebook.)

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  1. Adorable story-poem, adorable doodle. I first stumbled on Samuel Kent's site a few months ago and LOVED the story of how his doodles came to be. What a wonderful thing!

  2. Amy, how do you do it? This doodle and the poem/story is so sweet, a loving story that brings such a smile to me. I can't wait to share it with some of my teachers. I think they might love to do this lesson before our beautiful fall turns to winter. Thank you again for the inspiration.

  3. Thank you, Renee and Linda! It was such a treat to write from Samuel's drawing, and he has so many more on his site. I think that your students would love choosing one of Samuel's doodles and writing from it, Linda. He is very generous! a.