Friday, December 14, 2012

Look Up - Nature Wonderings

Out My Window on 90E in NY
(Look closely or click-enlarge to see the geese!)
Photo by Amy LV

Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you.

Students - Did you ever just look up at the sky and wonder about what you see? I marvel at migrating birds.  They are so strong, so capable, traveling many many miles, knowing just where to go.  Yesterday, as I drove two hours home from a school, many Vs of geese flew over my car.  I just kept thinking about them and their journey, wondering if they ever wished to spell words in sky.

This poem is written directly to a reader, asking direct questions and giving a little bit of advice at the end.  The idea came from a fleeting thought, now made into a small poem with a bit of time.  It's my way of honoring some Thruway beauty I was offered less than 24 hours ago.

If geese are not passing over your head today, there are other wonders to see. And here are some geese for you too...

This week you can also find me over at Jone MacCulloch's Check it Out blog with an interview on Wednesday and a poem from The Poem Farm stash today.  Thank you so much, Jone, for having me over to play!

To learn more about why geese fly in a V, visit the Library of Congress Everyday Mysteries page.

Jama Rattigan is hosting this week's Poetry Friday party, so head on over to Jama's Alphabet Soup.  As is always the case at Jama's place, you'll be fed in body and spirit.

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  1. How clever and wonderful, Amy!

  2. Drawing with feathwered ink across the sky - what a lovely thought, and visual! And the video was a perfect accompaniment.

  3. Love the sound of geese flying overhead -- just stopped for a gaggle crossing the road yesterday. Their flying formation is just so awe inspiring. :)

  4. wonderful Amy! I love that time of the year when geese are honking in the skies!

    Also loved that movie 'Winged Migration'. Have watched it numerous times; in fact, may be time to watch it again!

  5. At 3:20 today, Amy, my students and I were waiting in the car pool line, when we saw a beautiful vee of velvety black geese on a cloudy white sky. They flew low over our school from the north. The vee broke up as a lesser goose tried to take the lead, cutting the neat vee into two crooked lines. So, maybe these are your geese, flying over central Texas toward the coast. I can't wait to share this poem with my little friends.

  6. Feathered ink! Such beautiful imagery yet again, Amy. Love that sound of geese as they recede into the distance.

  7. Love the last four lines, Amy, with "cloud of paper white." How wonderful to think of geese writing stories in the sky. Migrating geese are very inspiring- as are any creatures that magically know how to make the journey they need to make.

  8. Thank you for the wonder and beauty of the natural world.