Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orion - Finding Peace in Nature

by Amy LV

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Students - Whenever I look up at the sky and see Orion, I feel better about everything in the world.  For me, knowing a constellation, and recognizing it like a good friend brings a lot of happiness and peace.  One day, maybe soon, I will learn more constellations.

This poem is about a group of stars in the sky - a quiet group of stars.  It doesn't really hold my hand, and it doesn't really stare at me or whisper.  But I imagine that it does, and I imagine that Orion is a real person that does things a real person would do.  In poetry, we call this giving of human qualities or feelings or actions to non-human things personification.  Personification is a technique I use often when writing poems because in my mind, everything has feelings just like I do.

This is a poem I have had for years, and every several months, I bring it out and fiddle with it a bit more.  The poem probably isn't finished, but today felt like a good day to share it with you.  Do you have any old poems that you revisit from time to time?  Do you have favorite mountains or trees or constellations or anything else in the natural world that bring you happiness and peace?

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  1. Amy - I adore this poem. I found it comforting at this time of unrest. Everything will be allright!