Monday, December 10, 2012

Wherever You Are & Spark 18!

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Students - Today's poem was my inspiration piece for Amy Souza as part of our collaboration for Spark 18.  I sent her the poem, and then she had 10 days to respond artistically to the words.  Look below!

acrylic, pen, and collage on board and paper, played around with digitally
by Amy Souza

Isn't this a cool painting? I like to think that the poem holds a kernel of forgiveness, and the joyful colors in Amy's painting offer this same feeling.

Today's poem is written in quatrains, meaning there are four lines in each stanza.  Often I will write a poem in one big block, and only afterward realize that it should be broken up into quatrains.  You can do that in your writing too. Just get the words down, and then above the poem and see what shape it wishes to be!

Here is our Georgia, a long time ago, feeding one of abandoned kittens we found along our road.  Yes, this really did happen to us and so today's poem really is to a stranger who abandoned kittens... 

Georgia Feeding Kittens Many Years Ago
by Amy LV

You can see the inspiration artwork that Amy sent to me and read my poem response in Friday's post. 

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  1. I love the poem, Amy. My brother ran a non-profit to save homeless animals for a long time, & he has lots of words for those who abandon animals! The art by Amy S. is provocative. I see that sweetly innocent & child-like cat with some mysterious faces hiding. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing about Spark-always interesting!