Friday, January 11, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Building Building
by Amy LV

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Students - I got the idea for today's poem from an assignment!  Sometimes here in the blogosphere, people share ideas of things to try.  This week at Connecting the Dots, David Harrison  guests who propose writing things-to-try.  Well, earlier this week, J. Patrick Lewis introduced the idea of "careerhymes."  To write one, you simply think of a career and write a light poem about it, including the name of the job in the first line of your poem.  There are many examples over at Connecting the Dots, including one I wrote about a dog walker.  But after reading so many and looking at the piles of snow around here, I wanted to write another.

Do you ever think about what grownups used to be like?  That's what was fun for me with this poem.  First, I wrote the first stanza...but then, I just needed to keep going.  The idea of a snow plow driver as a young boy got into my head, and I imagined him building, building, even then.

I am very very happy to welcome Amy Zimmer Merrill to Sharing Our Notebooks this week.  If you love will adore her post and lovely giveaway.  Please share this one with your notebook-keeping students.  It's always inspiring to peek into the notebooks of others, and Amy makes me want to grab my glue stick and go to town!

Happy happy birthday to No Water River!  Renee is celebrating her glorious blog's birthday today as hostess of Poetry Friday!  Head on over to see some funny bloopers, catch her spirited joy, and visit all of this week's poetic offerings.

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  1. Wow! I like your poem, but what a coincidence - I just wrote a snowplow driver Careerhyme over at David Harrison's blog minutes ago! Great minds, y'know...

  2. Adorable poem, love the pillowed roads :). Such fun seeing everyone's careerhymes.

  3. Great careerhyme poem! Reminds me of the years I spent in Madison, WI - I honestly don't miss the snow. Thanks so much for sharing. =)

  4. the images are wonderful, Amy, like 'winter's gown". I never imagined a snowplow driver to have such a romantic career before. Terrific that you carried that 'assignment' even further. It was fun, wasn't it?

  5. I'm glad you gave the back-story in the second Stanza! Wonderful poem, Amy!

  6. I too love the imagery in this poem, "pillowed...lacy...gown." Beautiful words that soften the whole stanza. Lovely.

  7. LOVE it! (especially how you end sentences in the middle of lines instead of the ends)

    I've been thinking about those mountains of snow (now shrinking in our 50-60s)...they might melt before I get to poemize them!

  8. I love this. I often tell my husband that he is JUST like our son, only bigger. I love how the driver in the poem has found a way to preserve his little kid self. :-)

  9. Love your poem, Amy! I,too, love the pillowed snow and turning our flakes into castles.

  10. There is such delicacy in that first stanza - and what a concept: careerhyme poems!

  11. Dear Mrs. VanDerwater,
    We just read the poem Some Things Never Change about someone who liked building sandcastles as a young boy and now likes to make piles of snow as a snow plow driver.We are going to start learning about careers after our February break. We will be trying some "careerhymes" for that unit!
    Thank you for the idea.
    Mrs. Luft's 2nd Grade class