Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Warm Drink - Breathlessness & Wonder

A Cup of Moon
by Amy LV

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Students - Today's poem came from some play in my notebook.  I love the look of sunlight and moonbeams, the feel of how light through a window can change a whole room.  Yesterday, January 1st, our living room was full of sunlight made even brighter by twinkling piles of snow outside.  When I began writing in my little book last night, light filled my mind. I imagined a few things: braiding my hair with moonbeams, listening to the moon share a New Year's resolution, and finally drinking moonlight from a cup.  

You'll notice that this poem includes the word and over and over again, something I usually try to avoid.  Why did I include it so many times here? Well, for the same reason that this poem is just one long sentence...I wanted to have a feeling of breathlessness.  Wouldn't you feel breathless if you drank a cup of moonlight?  What other imaginary impossibilities might make you want to talk so quickly that you'd forget to speak with punctuation?

Breathlessness and wonder are two storehouses from which you can welcome many many poems.  And this year, in 2013, I wish you much of both...lots of breathlessness and many winks of wonder.

This year I resolve to write more poems...but I have not yet decided how many of them will show up here on The Poem Farm.  Part of my resolution includes working to submit more manuscripts with the hope they will turn into real paper books.  This may mean that I will post a bit may not.  

Don't miss the CYBILS POETRY BOOK FINALISTS and the POETRY NERDIES for 2012!  The beginning of a new year is a fantastic time to catch up on poem books...

Happy 2013!

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  1. Now every time I look at the moon, I'll be thinking about drinking "old sun."

  2. Your imagination is 'breathtaking' Amy. I've written several poems about the moon, & done much moon watching with my students, but never did I think of drinking it. What a lovely thought. I enjoyed the way you explained the 'ands'. Students need to know that poets think of things like that & pore over their choices often. Thanks! Happy New Year with your poetry goals!

  3. Amy,
    You have such a beautiful way with words and your poetry flows seemingly effortlessly, which I know it is not all the time. It is a pleasure to read and re-read. I hope that you achieve all your dreams and goals because I can't wait to hold some of your poetry books in my hands.
    Truly your work inspires!

    Janet F.