Monday, January 28, 2013

Water - Writing about Mysteries

Pour It!
Photo by Amy LV

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Students - Last week I received a comment from a teacher who told me her students particularly liked this poem about how I see science as like writing, breaking out the light inside of us.  Her words made me want to revisit some more old poems, ones that have never been on this site.  Rummaging around in my files, I found this one about water.  The poem had been getting dusty and lonely as I wrote it in 2002 and had never shared it with anyone.  I did make a change to it today, adding line breaks.  Before it was all in one stanza, but now it is has four stanzas.  Did you notice that the first and last stanzas are the same? Yes! It is a circular poem.

What is mysterious to you?  The things we find amazing and mysterious are often fantastic writing topics.  I  have always thought it's neat that a water can be solid, liquid, or I celebrate that idea here!

Here are a few more of my poems about water: Over Sixty Percent, The Water Tower, my boots love, Tide Pool.

And here is a great book of concrete poems about water by Joan Bransfield Graham - SPLISH SPLASH.

In happy news, my first copy of FOREST HAS A SONG arrived last week. Here I am, holding it.  (Can you tell that I am tickled?)

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  1. Wonderful news about Forest has a Song!

  2. You make it seem so simple, Amy. Fun poem with just the facts displayed in such an interesting way. Congrats again on the book!

  3. Revisiting neglected poems and reshaping them can be so rewarding! I have a question and a comment. The comment: congrats on the lovely blurb from Publishers Weekly for Forest has a Song!

    The question: I saw a post recently that brought up not sharing original poems online because some publishers won't publish ones that have been on blogs. What is your take on that?

  4. Thank you, Linda! It was fun to post this and then visit classes that happened to be studying matter! Tabatha - I will send you an e-mail about this question... xo, a.

  5. Dear Mrs. VanDerWater,
    The poem WATER was wonderful because it had good rhyming. We all liked this poem! We have learned about circle books and NOW we know about circle poems!

    We got your letter and read it today together as a class and we are SO excited that you are coming to our school! We will be planning some special surprises for you!
    Mrs. Luft's class :)

  6. I'm doing an assignment from my grade 12 English class and i love water and i stumbled upon your page looking up water poems. I'm doing an anthology and I added you as one person on my assignment. I love the Poem.