Friday, February 22, 2013

Unplugged - Writing with a Friend

Empty Outlet, Full Head
Photo by Amy LV

Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you.

Students - Today's poem is one that I wrote back in 2010 with my friend Charles Ghigna, otherwise known as Father Goose.  He wrote the beginning and ending of the poem and then passed it to me, asking if I'd like to write some middle stanzas.  This is not something that I do often, and it was a lot of fun to work together with another writer.  If you want to see a neat piece of art that goes with this poem, visit Charles's blog to see his son Chip's piece.

Today's poem is written in three line stanzas called tercets.  You can see the rhyme pattern pretty easily.  Once Charles shared what he had written, I was able to follow his lead.

Our family does not have a television, and you know what?  We don't miss it a bit!  I am extremely happy that nothing like this exists in our home either.

Sheri Doyle is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup!  Have fun checking everything out and then...head on outside...

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  1. What fun -- delightful poem, Charles and Amy! Amy, I love your poem reading voice :).

  2. Exactly! Our kids need to read this and take the message to heart.

  3. Many of my most creative students did not have TVs in their homes, Amy. We kept our set (a puny portable) in the closet. It came out when teachers assigned things & we always watched the Olympics. My daughter laughs & says she was deprived, she doesn't know any of the sitcoms her peers discuss sometimes. Anyway, unplugged is quite good, lots of lovely things to do without it! You & Charles make a good team!

  4. Great message, Amy - and it applies to computers too! Thanks for the reminder. =)

  5. What a fun poem, Amy. Writing with Charles must have been so much fun. How did the revisions work?

  6. YES!! More poetry, less TV!! More thoughtfulness, less violence! Thanks Amy and Charles for the reminders. This is a form which will be helpful to use with students!!!
    Janet F.

  7. Hey! I read this at the Father Goose blog, but didn't notice your name there too! How very cool. I am an introvert and very private about my writing while it's in progress, but I have had a few wonderful collaborative writing experiences. When it works, it's the best! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. lovely poem, although please see my response!

  9. I'm so inspired to unplug for a few days - computer included! I enjoyed this poem, Amy. Thanks!

  10. Love this, Amy--saw it at Charles' blog or somewhere else, too. And the high-tech toilet--ick.

  11. This is delightful, Amy! I loved hearing you read it!


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