Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet Sweet Dog - Love Poems

Sage, Amy, & Cali

Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you.

Students - If you have a pet or know a friendly pet, then you may know the feeling of wanting to burrow your face into that pet's fur.  Our own two dogs are extremely sweet and surprise us with all of the little ways they show love.  This poem is for Cali and for Sage, for all of the dogs I've ever loved, and for all of your dogs too.  

To start writing today's poem, I first just sat and read lots and lots of poems yesterday afternoon, poems by Aileen Fisher, Eve Merriam, and David McCord.  Then, I opened up my notebook and started to write.  These words are the ones that decided to show up. Well, to be honest, they did not show up exactly like this.  But I moved them and added to them and subtracted from them and just kept going until this is what stayed on the page!

You might have noticed that this poem uses a lot of repetition.  When I talk to dogs, I often repeat myself.  It's important that they understand me. Don't you agree?

In wonderful news, as posted by Lee Bennett Hopkins, Guadalupe Garcia McCall is the recipient of the 2013 LEE BENNETT HOPKINS/INTERNATIONAL READING ASSOCIATION PROMISING POET AWARD for UNDER THE MESQUITE (Lee & Low). In "This stunning debut novel" (School Library Journal) Lupita, a high school freshman, one of eight children born in Mexico, learns her mother is diagnosed with cancer. The tender, free verse, novel deals with Lupita's courage to deal with a life tragedy.

Tentative Cover

And in more fabulous Lee Bennett Hopkins award news, Kate Coombs won this year's Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award for her picture poetry book, WATER SINGS BLUE.  About this beautiful collection of ocean poems, illustrated by Meilo So, Jonathan Hunt of School Library Journal writes, "Water Sings four starred reviews and is, to my mind, the standout poetry collection of the year."  

To learn more about these awards, visit Lee's site at AWARDS.

Julie Larios is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at The Drift Record.  Head on over to see what's brewing poetry-wise in the Kidlitosphere this week!

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  1. And this is a sweet, sweet poem, Amy. I can just see the "fuzzy head."
    Happy Friday, and Happy March!

  2. Dear Amy,
    We are fourth graders in Hilliard, Ohio and we like to check your blog on Fridays. We are going to be doing the Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers and some of us thought that we could write poetry for our Slice. Your poem today gave us some good ideas.

    Mrs. Johnson's fourth graders

  3. Such genuine affection expressed in your poem, Amy. Love the photo, too!

  4. Lucky dogs! Your dogs, and everyone who's popped in to see what you're up to today. I love that you say you start your writing process with lots of reading.

    Thanks for sharing all this great award news as well - an exciting time all around for poetry!

  5. ...but knowing dogs, she had to have done SOMETHING wrong! ;) Tender poem, Amy...really nice.

  6. Such sweet, sweet dogs! Quite the list accomplishments for any dog to do one in a day - I'm proud too. (My dog may be a bit jealous though.) Thanks for the smile. =)

  7. Aw....I think I shall have to read this one to my own dog, Sophie, she'll love it, too.

  8. Amy, I love hearing you read your poem.
    I loved your poem FIRST PRACTICE in the Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School. The poem does a great job of capturing the feeling of being new. Great work. Thank you for writing poetry for children.

  9. We've all got to appreciate the good days!

  10. My dog's fuzzy head is on my lap right now as I write this response. I love the smell of his musty fuzz and how it tickles my nose. Thanks for always inspiring us with your poetry.

  11. Adorable poem. Pets encourage such happiness and when they cooperate, even better. :) Also, great news about Water Sings Blue, love that book.

  12. So great to capture your emotions here, & although you must be writing for the poem itself, it's nice to see the picture with your dogs connected to the poem. Thanks, Amy.

  13. Wonderful poem, amy. I really enjoyed Water Sings Blue. Thanks for sharing these.

  14. I LOVE this poem and I LOVE the fabulous picture with you and your puppies! Thank you for this whole entire blog. You are an amazing writer and an inspiration. Thank you for dedicating your time to sharing your art and sharing the craft of writing with the world. :)

  15. You know what is really sweet? That special extra-soft downy fur right behind their ears, just where they love to be scratched!

    I miss my pups, but I love your poem!

  16. Dear Mrs. VanDerwater,
    We liked your poem Sweet, Sweet Dog. We have a picture of Mrs. Luft's dog Bentley on our blog. Please look at it. We talked about what a stanza of Sweet,Sweet dog would sound like with Bentley's piture. This is what it might sound like...
    "Today sweet dog, we are proud of you.
    You didn't jump on the table.
    We said..Don't do it Bentley, Don't do it!
    and you listened, even though you were able."
    That was fun!
    Mrs. Luft's class