Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beginning to Draw People

Welcome to Day 13 of Drawing Into Poems, my daily drawing/seeing/writing study into poetry.  You can read more about this month-long project here on my April 1 post.  Feel free to read the books with me, and pull out your own sketchbook and jewelry box full of metaphor too...

Day 13 - The Leaning Man
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Students - Yesterday, for the first time this month, I drew a person, a stranger.  I was out in the world, and I had a good time looking around and choosing a subject.  I think this will be the theme for this upcoming week: drawing in new places as much as I can.  And I think I'll try to draw more people too, their gestures and clothing, their hair and faces.  (And I'll try to be secretive!)

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  1. People/faces/figures are SOOO hard. Have you looked at Betty Edwards' before and after her course pictures. I have the original and second editions and don't know which you have. They are remarkable. It is all about negative space and line and then perspective. Things some brains have in abundance but there is training potential in all of us!!! WHAT I love about you is that you are out to get it down and then ask questions and write what you notice and think. So important for writers and poets (as YOU so well know....) Also your sharing of your own journey is wonderful for both kids and adults to see. Have you tried the contour drawing of your hand from the Edwards' book where you don't look at your hand as you draw? That is the one that "freed" me so much to get the feel of drawing. Then you eventually look, of course. I still have my sketch book from that time in 1984 when I was doing the drawing and it is a treasured item. (For the progress it shows, not the results!!!) I think your willingness to tackle harder things like people or more intricate and still hook into your thinking, is truly helpful. Thanks.