Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hidden Doorways are Everywhere

Welcome to Day 27 of Drawing Into Poems, my daily drawing/seeing/writing study into poetry.  You can read more about this month-long project here on my April 1 post.  Feel free to read the books with me and pull out your own sketchbook and jewelry box full of metaphor too...

Day 27 - Doorway in Texas
Click to enlarge the drawing.

Students - This afternoon I was taking a walk through a little shopping plaza in Fort Worth, Texas, and noticed a small little turn into a wee courtyard.  It was brick and cozy and had this doorway leading out onto the street and a view of the train tracks. As I sketched this door and vine and brick and wrought iron, I listened to the sounds of trains going by, here and there, to and fro, carrying people through their lives.  

Doorways are very interesting to me, and this one particularly so because while all of the courtyard construction seemed new, the wood for these doors - and the hardware - looked like it had come from an old barn.  I like the feeling of possibility offered by a door or a window.  There may be a poem here.  Yes siree Bob.

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  1. Oohhh - I look forward to the poem this drawing inspires. I've had a door obsession this year, you know!

    Thanks for sharing this month of wonder with the rest of us.