Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Mug & Inspiration from Danny Gregory

Welcome to Day 11 of Drawing Into Poems, my daily drawing/seeing/writing study into poetry.  You can read more about this month-long project here on my April 1 post.  Feel free to read the books with me, and pull out your own sketchbook and jewelry box full of metaphor too...

Day Ten - My Mug
Click the image to enlarge it.

Students - Once again, I found myself drawing a normal everyday object.  I am finding that I'm pulled to sketch things I see and  use, not grand scenes, but objects from everyday life.  It's been raining a lot here where I live, so drawing outside is not easy this week.  But soon, I plan to get outside to sketch some signs of spring.

Try paying close attention to the daily object in your life.  Is there one you feel has an interesting story to tell?  If so, then it will likely be a good inspiration for writing and drawing.  I can't stop thinking about the person who may have made my mug.  I wish I could tell him or her how very much I like it.

Danny Gregory is a very inspiring artist.  If you like watching someone work, you will enjoy this very much.

Here is a book by Danny Gregory, a book I'm holding in my hands right now.  If you liked the clip, then I recommend this and other books by Danny.

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  1. Amy, I love Danny Gregory. Thanks for sharing this video. I was just about to go eat breakfast before watching your video. It made the experience just a little bit slower and allowed me to observe and enjoy the act of eating. This is exactly what drawing and writing does--it slows us down to observe and experience. I love your drawing and the notes around it.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I just read about your "Drawing into Poems" project on April's WWW blog post for yesterday. As I told April, I think this is a terrific idea! But given how poorly I draw, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it.

  3. Good morning, Amy! Were you really in my neighborhood last week and I missed you? Let me know when you pass through again!

    I'm catching up on your wonderful project and just gobsmacked as usual by how much you manage to squeeze in. Re Carmela's comment above, one of the best things about your drawing project is that (pardon me)your drawing is not finely professional. You use immense skill in deciding what to draw and how to annotate your drawings, but they are not scarily skilled as art. This makes the whole idea very accessible to kids, I think. I'm sending my staff to your blog soon, and as I think about how I need to do a better job of teaching kinders to draw next year, I'm contemplating a project like yours.