Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nature Tidbits Make Me Think

Welcome to Day 16 of Drawing Into Poems, my daily drawing/seeing/writing study into poetry.  You can read more about this month-long project here on my April 1 post.  Feel free to read the books with me, and pull out your own sketchbook and jewelry box full of metaphor too...

Day 16 - Lichen
Click to enlarge the drawing.

Students - Yesterday I drew something small, part of something large, a bit of bark with lichen attached.  Spending time studying this bit of nature brought up a lot of questions, some of which I asked Mark.  I never knew that lichen could go dormant when dry and out of good growing conditions and then pep back up to life a long time later.  Nature is resilient...and so are we.  Sometimes a little tidbit from nature can get me thinking about bigger ideas.

Here is a poem for today - The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry.

Yesterday's #WonderChat about poetry was postponed/cancelled out of respect for the victims of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  I will let you know should it be rescheduled.

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  1. Love this 'little' sketch of lichen, Amy. It is interesting, isn't it? And I enjoyed your response to visiting the cemetery. My school is near a wonderfully historical one & I took my students there to write & sketch. We studied the dates of the older tombstones, looked up history to see why a sudden larger group was near the same date, & we looked for the poetry. A quiet & contemplative trip always.

  2. Enjoyed all your wondering, Amy! So many points-of-entry for poems!