Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Locket - Poems about Objects

by Amy LV

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Students - Today's poem is, once again, simply about an object.  I adore lockets.  They go along with all kinds of old mysterious things that give me dreams and wonders: graveyards, old buttons, bones, books that smell good, shells, bottles in interesting shapes...  I've admired the rhyme locket/pocket for some time, and today it rose in my mind as I sat at my desk, looking at all of its cubbyholes.  Writing in my notebook, I jotted,

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Then, the poem just started showing up on the page, line by line.  You will see that I ended up shortening the line breaks when I moved to typing the poem.  This switch from handwritten first drafts to typed later drafts is very useful for me.

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Pay close attention the objects that inspire you.  There are poems and stories in things.

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  1. Fun poem, Amy, Thanks for sharing it and for showing all of the connections you made in creating it.

  2. Where have all the lockets gone? I remember one I had that was shaped like a heart. Where is it?
    I love seeing your process too. Your journal looks like mine and that encourages me. So much happens when going from writing to typing. Thanks for sharing. Now I'm off to my jewelry boxes to find that old locket.

  3. I have a few old lockets, but none to wear anymore. You've made me wonder where they are, like Margaret above. I like this about a friend, Amy. We used to buy those 'cheap' and what looked like 'broken' heart necklaces at carnivals & share with friends, each having a part.

  4. Love this poem!

    I snapped my little heart locket open so often that the hinge finally wore out. My dog Toby's photo was inside!

  5. That is beautiful, Amy! I have a locket with a teeny photo of Phil and I in. I must go find it.