Monday, May 20, 2013

New Baby at Heart Rock Farm

Nora Nuzzles Her Baby
Photo by Amy LV

Mother and Child
Photo by Amy LV

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Students - Look who's here!  Our newest addition, yet-unnamed.  This morning I woke up to (my husband) Shepherd Mark's voice, "Nora gave us the most beautiful white lamb last night.  It looks like it's a week old!"  And so she did.  And so it does.  Welcome to this new child, a bouncy haiku on an emerald of a day.

In celebration of new life and another joyous spring morning, I am thrilled to share this beautiful Poet-Tree made by Susan Kellner and her first grade students at Harold O. Brumsted Elementary in Holland, NY.  Some of you may remember Susan's lovely poet-tree from 2012!

A Vibrant Poet-Tree Grows
Photo by Susan Kellner

Close Up of Leaves
Photo by Susan Kellner

Thank you to Catherine Johnson for sharing my fiddlehead poem from FOREST HAS A SONG at her blog today.  On Wednesday, she'll share Shepherd Mark's recipe for a delicious fiddlehead frittata, this year's Mother's Day brunch at Heart Rock Farm.

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  1. "Wool" "ewe" look at that!

    What a sweet little face.

  2. Awh that is so cute! What a lovely picture. You beat the sight of a little lamb and their tails wagging so fast.
    Lovely poem, Amy and that poem tree is super!
    Cathy you are too funny!