Friday, October 4, 2013

Dizzy Song - Valuing Scraps

Dizzy Footprint
by Amy LV

Students - This poem grew from an old poem that I found in my files. When I was little, there was a huuuuuuge hill at a school next to our home, and we would roll all the way down.  I love watching children roll down hills and spin like crazy.  So a while ago, I wrote a short poem about just that feeling.  Then, yesterday, I found it and added some more words.  Save every scrap.  You never know what you'll want someday in your writing. Today's scraps are tomorrow's gifts.

What makes you smile like crazy?

It was such a treasure to find that Betsy Hubbard's kindergarteners over at Hubbard's Headlines were inspired by Zoey and the poem I wrote for her last week.  Kindness just goes round and round too....

Cybils nominations for poetry are open.  I send my gratitude to Laura Purdie Salas for nominating FOREST HAS A SONG for this honor.

Doraine is hosting Poetry Friday today over at Dori Reads, and you can visit her place to discover all of the poetry happenings in Kidlitosphere-land today!

I will not be posting on Monday.  See you next Friday!

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  1. Hi, Amy. This poem *really* speaks to me. I've been working through some vertigo lately. It's so much fun to feel momentary dizziness when you're a child -- the magical things the body can do. However, I've had enough spinning; I'm wishing the dizzies away.

  2. What Laura said. I remember how much fun it was to spin round and round and fall on the ground with the world still moving. But now, that spinning sensation is the worst!

    Fun to read poem with great word play and rhythm. :)

  3. Love it! The fast action and rhymes match the theme perfectly!

  4. Great dizzy poem! Keri is right - the action and rhymes match the theme perfectly! I tried to nominate your book for the Cybils. It was already nominated!

  5. Wheelie whirling - how I love the sound of that!

  6. This is so fun to say aloud--I can hear the dizziness growing with wheelie-whirling and dizzy songs. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. There is a slope near our capitol & yes, when I would walk downtown to visit (a long while ago our school was near), even the old kids (middle school) would roll down the slope. You've captured it precisely, Amy. Somehow, they still loved that twirling tizzy!

  8. I love that idea of collecting up today's scraps and saving them for tomorrow. I did love twirling as a girl, twirling until I lay in the grass watching the sky twirl around me. Thanks for this.

  9. What a HAPPY poem! So needed today!!

  10. Fun poem, Amy...but for someone who's still trying to catch up on sleep after the Highlights workshop (not to mention having a 7-week-old in the house), it took me multiple attempts to get through it! I can imagine the kids love reading it!

  11. "Today's scraps are tomorrow's gifts." - Amy Ludwig Vanderwater. That my friend is the line of the month. :-)