Monday, October 28, 2013

Rainbow Witch - Being Who We Are

Rainbow Witch
Photo by Hope LV

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Students - The origin of this poem is funny, as is the origin of many pieces of writing.  Our daughter Hope was waiting for a backpack to arrive in the mail, and when it did, the package seemed rather small for a backpack.  When she opened the package, she realized why.  There was no backpack at all!  Instead, the package contained the rainbow wig you see above.

Of course we all had to try it on, and I grabbed a witch hat from the coat tree for good measure.  When my friend Sue saw the look, she said, "I think 'Rainbow Witch' should be your next poem."  And so it is.  Sue, this one's for you.

Beginning to write this, the first lines came right away.  'Hat' and 'cat' are of course easy, natural witch rhymes.  But then I kept writing.  How should this small verse end? Hmmm... I wanted my witch to know that she was a little bit different.  And I wanted her to feel good about being different.  I love books where characters are strong enough to be their true selves.

When our children were small, they loved this book about a witch who wishes for a different kind of pet.  Actually, we all still love it.

Do you have a favorite book about someone who stays true to him or herself even in the face of people who try to make him or her change?

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  1. So did she ever get her backpack? What a fun story for a poem idea, and a nice poem about being yourself, your own kind of ___________. I had my grandgirls yesterday and the youngest had a pink witch hat-would look terrific on that new hairdo!

  2. So much sunshine in your poem. This is a special witch. I think I love her. Have a fun-filled Halloween week.

  3. Thank you, my wonderful friend! I love that Rainbow Witch celebrates being different and feels so comfortable in her rainbows. Thankyou, Amy, for always wearing your rainbow & leaving one with everyone you touch! Xoxo

  4. Hooray for rainbow witches! You're adorable! And you look twelve!

  5. Sweet Jeebus. You're such an excellent children's poet I don't know what to do with myself except jump up and down at your talent!!!!