Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Iron - Poem #22 for April 2014 Poetry Project

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Photo by Amy LV

Students - I wrote today's poem in traffic court last night.  Yes, I received a speeding ticket last month and so I was having my evening in court.  There I sat, waiting...waiting...with my notebook on my lap, writing to the sound of the judge's voice as he spoke with others who were in court for the same reason. One can write anywhere if one chooses to do so!

The idea for this poem came earlier in the day, though.  As I have almost each day of this month, I began by scrolling through the many thrift store photographs on my phone, to find one that struck me in the moment.  The iron was it.

Then, again, I thought about the iron throughout my day, wondering what its voice would say, what its poemspark would be.  I spent much of yesterday raking huge piles of last autumn's leaves, filling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, dumping thousands of oak leaves into our woods.  Somewhere around wheelbarrow #8, I thought to myself, "Hmmm...I bet irons like making wax paper leaf pictures best!"  I carried that thought in my noggin until traffic court began.

After that, it was just time to play with rhythm and line breaks and words. This is a mask poem, in the voice of the iron, and I'm not exactly sure why I chose to make the poem long and skinny, but I did.

Iron - Draft Page Spread #1 
Poem by Amy LV

Write everywhere.  Why not?

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  1. Amy,
    When I saw today's topic, I didn't expect to be very interested. Then the magic happened. I found humor in the clothing items the iron was willing to flatten and an unexpected ending that brought back memories of ironing leaves. Very kid friendly. I sent this one to an art teacher friend. I trust she'll love it and use it in class, maybe next fall. Amy, this is a brilliant salute to an iron.

  2. Amy, you are on a roll! What an amazing ending to this apparently mundane poem!